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  • Overcoming Frustration


    The Overcoming Frustration IQ Matrix will help you to overcome the feelings of frustration in your life. The mind map will take you on a journey through the emotion of frustration by breaking down the significance of frustration while presenting you with effective strategies, techniques and tips to help you manage this emotion more far more effectively.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who gets easily frustrated when things don’t go as expected.
    • Anyone who doesn’t deal very well with making mistakes.
    • Anyone who would like to learn how to better manage their frustrations.


    Acting as if it were impossible to fail is the formula which turns us from frustration to success.

  • Overcoming Insecurity


    The Overcoming Insecurity IQ Matrix explores what it takes to move past the insecurities that hold us back from living life to the fullest. To one degree or another, everyone suffers from some form of insecurity. This is fine. The behavior only becomes problematic when our insecurities prevent us from living life to its fullest. When your insecurities consistently hold you back from making certain decisions or taking specific actions, that is when you must recognize that you are holding yourself back. More specifically, you are sabotaging your own progress. This map is designed to successfully guide you through your insecurities in order to help you live a more optimal life with less regret and disappointment.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who tends to struggle with insecurity and low self-esteem.
    • Anyone who would like to improve their level of self-confidence.
    • Anyone who wants to understand what it takes to move past feelings of insecurity.

    Carl Rogers

    What I am is good enough if I would only be it openly.

  • Overcoming Laziness


    The Overcoming Laziness IQ Matrix will help you to get out of the habit of indulging in lazy rituals that sabotage your goals and objectives. Life is just too short, and we only have a limited amount of time during the day. Your lazy habits are doing you no favors, in fact they are hurting your productivity and preventing you from living the life you truly desire to live. It’s time to break the cycle of those lazy habits and live life with a greater sense of purpose and urgency.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who can’t seem to get themselves motivated.
    • Anyone who struggles with poor habits that hurt their productivity.
    • Anyone wanting to learn how to break out of a lazy rut.

    Henry Clay

    The time will come when winter will ask you what you were doing all summer.

  • Overcoming Procrastination


    The Overcoming Procrastination IQ Matrix explores how to move from procrastination and stagnation into a more optimal and empowered state of motivation and drive. The mind map outlines how procrastination typically stems from fear and other limiting emotions. Moreover, it delves into the theory behind motivation, and presents guidelines to help you find more energy and willpower to stay focused in the pursuit of your goals and objectives.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who has goals they want to achieve but struggles with procrastination.
    • Anyone who just can’t seem to find the motivation needed to take the right actions.
    • Anyone who would like to understand what it takes to overcome procrastination.

    Tom Cruise

    Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around.

  • Pain and Pleasure Principle


    The Pain and Pleasure Principle IQ Matrix presents the two primary motivating forces behind all of our choices, decisions and actions. The pain and pleasure principle dictates how we feel on a daily basis. In fact this principle carves out our destiny at an unconscious level of awareness. This mind map explores the eight step process to help you use this principle to your advantage. Moreover it outlines the transformation process that allows you to move from a state of procrastination, uncertainty and hesitation, to a state of desire, certainty and motivation.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who consistently struggles with procrastination.
    • Anyone who would like to enhance their levels of motivation in pursuit of a goal.
    • Anyone who would like to learn how to effectively manage pain and pleasure.

    Anthony Robbins

    The secret to success is learning how to use pain and pleasure, instead of having pain and pleasure use you.

  • Quit Complaining


    The Quit Complaining IQ Matrix will help you remove the habit of complaining from your life by providing you with a variety of effective techniques and strategies to silence your inner complainer. The mind map identifies the types of complaints people often make; pinpoints reasons why people tend to complain; provides suggestions for eliminating complaining, and much more.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who tends to complain and blame when things don’t go to plan.
    • Anyone who doesn’t take responsibility for their problems and circumstances.
    • Anyone who would like to understand how to quit complaining and start living.

    Robert A. Cook

    Say and do something positive that will help the situation; it doesn’t take any brains to complain.

  • Release and Let Go!


    The Release and Let Go IQ Matrix provides you with guidelines for letting things go. This is all about releasing all that emotional baggage that is holding you back and making your life miserable. Letting go, of course, is rarely easy. Our emotional attachment to things, memories, people and circumstances are not simple to break. However, these emotional attachments can often prevent us from living the life we deserve. By letting these things go, you allow room for more important things that will bring more happiness and joy to your life.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who tends to get too emotionally wrapped up in their problems.
    • Anyone who takes things too personally and/or lives life too seriously.
    • Anyone who wants to discover what it takes to detach themselves emotionally from negative circumstances.

    Tao Te Ching

    When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.

  • Self-Concept Transformation


    The Self-Concept Transformation IQ Matrix will help you to become more self-aware of your psychology, while at the same time raising your confidence and self-esteem. The mind map explores the makeup of a self-concept; discusses the impact that a self-concept has on our lives; outlines the symptoms of a low self-concept, and presents several self-concept transformation strategies that you can use to help improve how you feel about yourself.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who is lacking in self-confidence and struggles with low self-esteem.
    • Anyone who has a poor self-image and wants to feel better about themselves.
    • Anyone who would like to know how to transform their self-concept in optimal ways.

    Henry Longfellow

    We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.

  • On Sale

    Self-Sabotage Bundle

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    The Eliminating Self-Sabotage Bundle of maps includes a selection of hand picked maps that are designed to help you break free from self-defeating behaviors that are holding you back from achieving your goals. The following maps are included within this bundle:

    1. Defying Perfectionism
    2. Instant Gratification Trap
    3. Overcoming Addictions
    4. Overcoming Laziness
    5. Overcoming Procrastination
    6. Self-Sabotage Patterns
    7. Television Addiction
    8. Victim Mentality

    Who is this bundle for?

    • Anyone who consistently sabotages their own success in innumerable ways.
    • Anyone who wants to know how to overcome numerous self-sabotage patterns.
    • Anyone who desires to eliminate procrastination, perfectionism, laziness and more.

  • Self-Sabotage Patterns


    The Self-Sabotage Patterns IQ Matrix shows how we tend to sabotage our progress and efforts along our journey towards the attainment of our goals. The mind map outlines the primary reasons why we sabotage ourselves; delves into the different types of self-sabotage patterns; explores a four step process for overcoming self-sabotage, while also providing additional suggestions and guidelines.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who is in the habit of sabotaging their own success.
    • Anyone who is riddled with poor habits that sabotage their goals.
    • Anyone who would like to understand how to overcome self-sabotage.

    John Donne

    But I do nothing upon myself, and yet I am my own executioner.

  • Six Excuses that are Keeping You Stuck

    , $5.00

    The Six Excuses that are Keeping You Stuck IQ Doodle explores six excuses that people typically make and how to successfully overcome them. The six excuses include:

    1. There’s just not enough time…
    2. There’s just not enough money…
    3. I just don’t know how…
    4. I just can’t change…
    5. I’m just not ready yet…
    6. This just won’t work…

    This IQ Doodle pack is available for purchase from the IQ Doodle Store. Clicking on the orange button below will take you to the IQ Doodle website.

  • Six Helpful Steps for Eliminating Fear

    , $5.00

    The Six Helpful Steps for Eliminating Fear IQ Doodle outlines how to effectively work through fears that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from achieving your goals. The six steps include:

    1. Acknowledging Your Fear
    2. Imagining Having No Fear
    3. Identifying Triggers
    4. Assessing Your Degree of Control
    5. Analyzing Potential Obstacles
    6. Getting Creative

    This IQ Doodle pack is available for purchase from the IQ Doodle Store. Clicking on the orange button below will take you to the IQ Doodle website.