For a long time it was believed that it was always going to be too difficult reading somebody else’s mind map. It simply could not be done, given the fact that everybody thinks in a very individualistic way that is unique to their train of thought and habitual patterns of processing information.

I wanted to disprove this belief by creating a mind map that could be read and understood by anybody. For this very reason each IQ Matrix is structured into “spoken sentences” using “full-stops” and other punctuations.

The IQ Matrix isn’t just a set of jumbled words that have been pieced together. Instead, it is designed as a comprehensive information catalog and reference guide you can use to keep you sharp and focused on what is most important in your life and the skills that you are wanting to improve and master.

Even though an IQ Matrix is relatively easy to read and follow, I have however created a Guide for Beginner’s that will walk you step-by-step through the process of reading an IQ Matrix.