Each IQ Matrix Shakespearean workbook has a set of Study Filters. These Study Filters have been designed as a progressive learning tool to assist with the assimilation and recall of each IQ Matrix. They provide you with a unique perspective of each page of the workbook. Here is a quick summary if each of these filters:

Pathway Filter

The 1st level filter is the Pathway Filter which removes all pathways from the IQ Matrix page. Your goal here is to draw the pathways in with a pencil or pen from memory, effectively linking together all the relevant segments of the IQ Matrix as they appear on the original. This will test your memory and will build pathway connections and associations in your brain, thusly assisting with your knowledge and understanding as you progress onto the remaining three IQ Matrix filters.

Content Filter

The 2nd level filter is the Content Filter which tests your memory on the content of the IQ Matrix page. All words, phrases and other information has been wiped off the IQ Matrix page leaving only pathways, pictures & blanks. Your task is to recall and insert these missing words and phrases using a pencil or pen on the IQ Matrix Content Filter page. While working with this filter you still have the assistance of the pathways, pictures and the connector words to assist you with piecing the page together.

Pictent Filter

The 3rd level filter is the Pictent Filter which takes your memory and recall of the IQ Matrix page to yet another level. Both the content and pictures have been removed from this filter forcing you to recreate the IQ Matrix page without the help of associative pictures that assisted you with memory and recall at the 2nd filter level.

Freehand Filter

The 4th and most advanced filter is the Freehand Filter. Here everything has been removed except for the central structure of the IQ Matrix and the major topics branching from it. There are two ways you can use this filter. Firstly, to recreate the IQ Matrix page from memory, or secondly to draw up your own IQ Matrix with the topics and sections that are most relevant to you.