Account Management

How do I view the status of my order or my payment history?

The status of your order and your payment history can be found on your account page.

How do I change my account information such as my address or password?

If you made your purchase at the IQ Matrix Store, you can change your account details by visiting your account page here. If you made your purchase on the IQ Matrix Products domain, then you can manage your account details by clicking here.

Why can’t I seem to login using my email address and password?

You might not be able to login to your account for a couple of reasons. If you simply forgot your password, then please click on the relevant link on the login page to retrieve your password via email. The second reason you might not be able to login to your account is because unfortunately any purchases made on the Products Member's domain does not synchronize with the IQ Matrix Store domain. At the moment you will need to create a separate account for each area. We will try and merge the two accounts in the future as long as you use the same email address for both accounts.

IQ Matrix Posters

Does the IQ Matrix poster come with the black border or no border?

Each IQ Matrix physical poster that we ship out is printed with a black border that includes an inspirational quote. If you prefer to receive a poster with no border, then please contact us with your order number and any specific requests you might have immediately after making your purchase. All downloadable maps do not include the black border, thereby saving you copious amounts of black ink when you print them out on the home or office printer. 😉

Can I order larger size posters if required?

Yes, of course you can. Please contact us with the product name or code, the quantity you would like to order and the size of the poster you would like us to print for you. Please also include your account details (making sure that you've filled out your shipping information). Once we have this information, we will get back to you with a quote for the cost of the printing and shipping accordingly.

Why is there a significant difference in price between the A2 and A3 posters?

The price differences between the A3 and A2 size posters comes down to the type of printer that is used to print each poster. A3 size posters are much easier, cheaper and more convenient to print and laminate. A2 size posters are more of a specialty order and are far more expensive for us to print. We do not keep these posters in stock and order them as online orders come through on a weekly basis.

What are the dimensions of the physical posters you sell?

Each IQ Matrix poster is available for purchase in A3 and A2 size format. Here is an overview of the size differences in cm and inches. A3 Dimensions
  • Width: 420 mm or 16.5 inches
  • Height: 297 mm or 11.7 inches
A2 Dimensions
  • Width: 594 mm or 23.4 inches
  • Height: 420 mm or 16.5 inches

What are the differences between the three versions of the posters you sell?

Each IQ Matrix map is available for sale as a pdf file, an A3 or A2 regular poster, or an A3 or A2 laminated poster. Here is a break down of the differences between the three versions: Premium PDF Download
  • Full high resolution color.
  • Ideal for printing.
  • The pdf version does not come with the black border.
  • Available for immediate download once payment has been confirmed.
Regular Wall Poster
  • Full high resolution color.
  • Can be purchased in A3 and A2 sizes (please see additional information tab).
  • Printed with black border and inspirational quote (as seen within image file).
  • Can be shipped anywhere in the world.
Laminated Wall Poster
  • Full high resolution color.
  • Can be purchased in A3 and A2 sizes (please see additional information tab).
  • Quality lamination on both sides.
  • Full High Resolution Color.
  • Can be shipped anywhere in the world.

IQ Matrix Workbooks

What is included in the Interactive version of the IQ Matrix workbook?

The Interactive downloadable version of the IQ Matrix workbook has additional pages that are not available in the Standard downloadable version. These additional 28 pages (62 pages total) are known as Study Filters and they assist the learner in the physical aspect of learning and interacting with the IQ Matrix — making it an ideal tool for those who would like to create a photographic memory of the IQ Matrix material presented within the workbook. The Interactive version of the workbook includes the following:
  • The original IQ Matrix pages
  • Four IQ Matrix accelerated learning filters
The Interactive version combines all features from the Standard version with the Study Filters. The Interactive version offers the best value to help with the process of learning Shakespearean classical texts.

What is included in the Study Filter version of the IQ Matrix workbook?

The Study Filter version is fully downloadable and printable and includes the four accelerated learning IQ Matrix Study Filters for those seeking to develop a photographic memory of the material they are studying. This version does not include the main IQ Matrix pages, that are included within the Standard version. However, it can be used as a standalone study tool for those seeking to strengthen their memory and recall of information. The Study Filters version includes the following:
  • Four IQ Matrix accelerated learning filters including...
  • Pathway Filter: Promotes and encourages the formation of associations through interlinking of the IQ Matrix pathways.
  • Content Filter: Tests your knowledge and ability to recall the IQ Matrix content from memory with the help of associative pictures.
  • Pictent Filter: Tests your knowledge and ability to recall the IQ Matrix content from memory without the help of associative pictures.
  • Freehand Filter: The most advanced filter encourages the learner to recreate the IQ Matrix from memory without associative connections.

What is included in the Standard Version of the IQ Matrix workbook?

The Standard downloadable version of the IQ Matrix workbook contains 34 pages and does not include any Study Filters, however it is a great option for those who just want to use the IQ Matrix workbook as a visual learning and reference tool and don't require the interactive workbook aspect of this product. The Standard version includes the following:
  • Original IQ Matrix pages.
  • Quick summary pages for better understanding of the IQ Matrix workbook.
  • Quick Quiz pages to test your knowledge and understanding of the IQ Matrix.

What specifically is included in each IQ Matrix workbook?

Each IQ Matrix is an interactive 62 page accelerated learning workbook that includes the following:
  • An IQ Matrix personal study plan.
  • Content overview page.
  • IQ Matrix 101 Visual Matrix.
  • Code breaker symbols page allowing for a better understanding of the IQ Matrix.
  • IQ Matrix overview page — ideal for cramming right before examinations or tests.
  • Structure summary of the play including conflict, setting, genre and more...
  • Style summary of the play including mood, symbolism, metaphors and more...
  • Historical background summary of the play.
  • An in depth scene by scene synopsis of the play, ideal for quick reference of events within the play.
  • Character analysis and summary of each major and minor character making an appearance in the play
  • Theme summary breaking down the major and minor themes of the play.
  • The most important quotes are presented in a simple memorable format with keywords linked to pictures.
  • Biography of William Shakespeare'r life and career.
  • Summary pages present a written overview of each IQ Matrix page.
  • The Pathway Filter allows students to physically join up the segments of the IQ Matrix in an interactive manner allowing for key associations to be created.*
  • The Content Filter tests students on their ability to remember key words, terms, ideas and concepts presented within the IQ Matrix.*
  • The Pictent Filter takes the Content Filter to the next level by removing the associated word pictures on each IQ Matrix.*
  • The Freehand Filter is the most advanced filter that tests the student's overall photographic memory of the IQ Matrix content.*
  • The Quick Quiz is the final test which presents students with fast questions to test their knowledge and understanding of the play.
* The IQ Matrix filters are only included in the Interactive version of the workbook.

Why are the IQ Matrix workbooks ideal teaching tools for Teachers?

The IQ Matrix workbooks are ideal teaching tools for teachers who like to create interactivity with their students and who enjoy conducting classroom discussions. Teachers are always looking for fresh and novel ways of sharing classical literature with their students. The IQ Matrix fills this void by providing teachers with a unique and creative angle that can enhance and accelerate each of student's learning potential in a very short period of time. Please have a read of the IQ Matrix Beginner's Guide for the Shakespearean Workbooks for more information.

What are IQ Matrix Study Filters for workbooks used for?

Each IQ Matrix Shakespearean workbook has a set of Study Filters. These Study Filters have been designed as a progressive learning tool to assist with the assimilation and recall of each IQ Matrix. They provide you with a unique perspective of each page of the workbook. Here is a quick summary if each of these filters: Pathway Filter The 1st level filter is the Pathway Filter which removes all pathways from the IQ Matrix page. Your goal here is to draw the pathways in with a pencil or pen from memory, effectively linking together all the relevant segments of the IQ Matrix as they appear on the original. This will test your memory and will build pathway connections and associations in your brain, thusly assisting with your knowledge and understanding as you progress onto the remaining three IQ Matrix filters. Content Filter The 2nd level filter is the Content Filter which tests your memory on the content of the IQ Matrix page. All words, phrases and other information has been wiped off the IQ Matrix page leaving only pathways, pictures & blanks. Your task is to recall and insert these missing words and phrases using a pencil or pen on the IQ Matrix Content Filter page. While working with this filter you still have the assistance of the pathways, pictures and the connector words to assist you with piecing the page together. Pictent Filter The 3rd level filter is the Pictent Filter which takes your memory and recall of the IQ Matrix page to yet another level. Both the content and pictures have been removed from this filter forcing you to recreate the IQ Matrix page without the help of associative pictures that assisted you with memory and recall at the 2nd filter level. Freehand Filter The 4th and most advanced filter is the Freehand Filter. Here everything has been removed except for the central structure of the IQ Matrix and the major topics branching from it. There are two ways you can use this filter. Firstly, to recreate the IQ Matrix page from memory, or secondly to draw up your own IQ Matrix with the topics and sections that are most relevant to you.

What is an IQ Matrix workbook?

An IQ Matrix workbook is much like a novel book summary or book report bringing together key concepts and representing them in a visual format much like mind mapping and concept mapping has done in the past. Yet this isn't any ordinary Study Guide. Through the use of visual filters the student learns about key ideas of the Study Guide in an interactive workbook format. Each filter builds on the previous filters helping the student to gain a full comprehensive understanding of the book summary notes while building a visual photographic representation of the entire plot and related themes within their mind. IQ Matrix workbooks are currently available for eight classic Shakespearean plays including:
  • Hamlet
  • Julius Caesar
  • King Lear
  • Macbeth
  • Othello
  • Richard III
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • The Tempest

Downloading Items

Can I access all my downloads the next time I return to your store?

Yes, of course you can access your downloads at any time by visiting your account page using your email address and the password you originally created when you signed up. You will however not be able to re-download your items if you did not originally create an account before making your purchase. We can however email you your items if you supply us with your email address and order number. Please contact us if you need any assistance.

Help, I’m having trouble downloading the files…

To download the Adobe pdf files, please make sure that you right click the file with your mouse and select "save as" to download the file onto your computer hard drive. Downloading the file to your desktop will make it easy to find. If you have trouble opening the file using your internet browser, then please make sure to use the latest version of Adobe Reader to open the file outside your browser.

What type of format are the items I will be downloading?

Each mind map is saved as an Adobe PDF file. This type of file is ideal for viewing on a Mac or PC and is ideal for printing. Please however make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

How large are the files I will be downloading?

A standard IQ Matrix poster is around 2 to 3 megabytes in size. Please be patient when downloading these files if you have a dial-up internet connection. Some files are larger than 10 megabytes and will require more time to download. If you ever have any troubles with downloading these files, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How soon will my items be available for download once I make a purchase?

Your items will be available for download from the IQ Matrix shop the moment your order has been processed by PayPal. You will be automatically redirected to the downloads page once payment has been made. If by chance you can't find your download page, then please login to your account to download your items using your email address and password. If you didn't register an account and checked out as a guest, then please contact us with your order number and email address.

Making Payments

Can I pay using an electronic bank transfer?

Yes, you can make payment using an electronic bank transfer / bank deposit. If you would like to make payment via bank deposit, then please do so using the following account information:
  • Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Name: IQ Matrix
  • BSB: 063 159
  • Account: 1045 2408
  • Address: Australia, Melbourne, Oakleigh Branch
Only use the SWIFT Code when making bank transfers from outside of Australia. The bank charges us an extra $10.00 AUD for international bank transfers. Therefore please add an additional $10.00 AUD to your order when making transfers from outside of Australia. All payments must be made in Australian dollars. Finally, if you are purchasing physical products, then please notify us when payment has been made.

What kinds of payments do you accept?

You can make payment using PayPal. However, you don't need to have a PayPal account to purchase our products. When checking out, simply select the PayPal option and then pay with your credit card as you normally would through a standard credit card online merchant facility. PayPal will take care of all the details for you, and you can be assured that your credit card details will be safe as payment is made using their encrypted secure servers. We also accept electronic bank transfers.

Using an IQ Matrix

What is the MasterMind Matrix chart, and how does it work?

The MasterMind Matrix chart presents a comprehensive psychological breakdown of everything that makes up who we are as a thinking human being. The MasterMind Matrix Chart is comprised of 200+ life specific segments that we must learn to master if we seek to take complete and total control over our daily choices and decisions. Each individual IQ Matrix map represents only one fragment or piece of the MasterMind Matrix chart, thusly helping you to expand your understanding of the MasterMind Matrix life coaching process to a profoundly deep level of understanding. The MasterMind Matrix provides a comprehensive macro overview of our entire psychological experience of reality, while each individual IQ Matrix map provides a comprehensive micro overview of a small area of the MasterMind Matrix that you can use and immediately apply into your life. Click here to find out more about the MasterMind Matrix and how it was developed.

Is there a special way of reading each IQ Matrix?

For a long time it was believed that it was always going to be too difficult reading somebody else’s mind map. It simply could not be done, given the fact that everybody thinks in a very individualistic way that is unique to their train of thought and habitual patterns of processing information. I wanted to disprove this belief by creating a mind map that could be read and understood by anybody. For this very reason each IQ Matrix is structured into “spoken sentences” using “full-stops” and other punctuations. The IQ Matrix isn’t just a set of jumbled words that have been pieced together. Instead, it is designed as a comprehensive information catalog and reference guide you can use to keep you sharp and focused on what is most important in your life and the skills that you are wanting to improve and master. Even though an IQ Matrix is relatively easy to read and follow, I have however created a Guide for Beginner's that will walk you step-by-step through the process of reading an IQ Matrix.

Where can I find more information about how to use an IQ Matrix?

I've created an IQ Matrix Guide for Beginners that you can download to your computer and read at your convenience. This eBook and accompanying mind map delves into how to use and read through an IQ Matrix so that you are able to gain the most value from the time you spend applying the information into your life. In addition to this, I've also written up an article that walks you through step-by-step how you can immediately use and apply the information sourced from an IQ Matrix into your life. You can read this article here.

I just purchased an IQ Matrix… What do I do now?

An IQ Matrix is designed as a complete reference information tool that you can easily refer to on a daily basis to help you stay on track with your life’s goals, tasks, priorities, skills, and objectives. Once you purchase an IQ Matrix map — or download one of the sample maps — that is applicable to your current life circumstances, your very 1st step is to pin it up…
  • On a wall
  • Next to your office desk
  • Beside your computer
  • On the refrigerator
  • Beside your bed
  • On the bathroom mirror
Or anywhere else where it can be referenced several times per day to keep you focused and on track. Your 2nd step is to read the entire blog post pertaining to the IQ Matrix map you purchased. This blog post is designed to expand each branch of the IQ Matrix, thusly providing you a more thorough and detailed explanation of each segment. Once you have read and thoroughly understood each topic discussed within the blog post, your 3rd step is to reference this IQ Matrix poster on a daily basis and progressively apply the information presented within this mind map into your life. Small progressive, consistent steps are important here. These will help you avoid the feelings of overwhelm, which usually can lead to procrastination and later complete and utter stagnation.

Developing an IQ Matrix

How did the concept of an IQ Matrix originate?

The development of the IQ Matrix concept was more of a journey rather than a sudden revelation. I began using visual maps for learning while I was undertaking a Psychology and later a Business degree at University. Back then the concept of making a living using mind maps was far from my mind; nevertheless I was consistently experimenting with new strategies and ideas on how to cut down my study time and accelerate my learning ability. Over these critical years the concepts and foundations slowly started to piece together – particularly after I was introduced to a mind mapping book written by Tony Buzan. I incorporated these mind mapping principles into my study routine and discovered that they helped me enhance my understanding of the material in ways I had not expected. For starters I was saving an incredible amount of time, and learning for the first time had become very easy, insightful, enjoyable and exciting. My University marks immediately improved and I discovered something incredibly fascinating that I never thought I had the potential to do: I developed the capacity for a photographic memory. Over the coming years I would do further research into not only mind mapping but also concept mapping, question mapping, radial mapping, linear mapping, interactive mapping, comparison mapping, hierarchical mapping, convergent mapping, cyclical mapping, flowcharting and many other forms of visual thinking. I thought that if I could somehow combine the most potent and effective features and ideas from each map-type that I could dramatically accelerate my learning potential and ability. Soon these strategies evolved from paper mapping to computerised mapping, giving birth to the concept that is known today as an IQ Matrix.

How long does it take you to create each IQ Matrix?

To create the actual IQ Matrix doesn’t take very long at all. Although it’s like any skill you learn for the first time – it simply takes some time and patience to master and perfect the method before you become proficient. Initially creating one IQ Matrix took me almost 1 week of full-time development. However, over months of practicing and perfecting the technique, I am now able to complete one IQ Matrix in about 15 hours of solid work. Although creating the mind map is only one step of the process. I must also research and piece together the information about the topic I am creating into a format that will fit the IQ Matrix design. I use other mind mapping software applications for this purpose. This by itself can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. After which the IQ Matrix image needs to be altered and prepared for distribution through the site, and in addition to this a blog post or eBook will need to be written that explains the concepts presented within the map. This process can take an extra 3 to 4 days. For this reason, given my time constraints, it is very difficult to create more than one IQ Matrix.

How do you create each IQ Matrix?

This is one of the most common questions I am asked on a weekly basis. And it is a question I must duck-under for the time being. The reason why I am not giving away the technique and method I use to create each IQ Matrix, is because I am planning to release an online instructional course that will describe and visually teach this method sometime in the future. What I can hint-at is that I use a combination of tools to create each IQ Matrix. None of these tools actually involve a specific mind mapping software package, although I do use mind mapping software for brainstorming and information collection purposes. In time, all will be revealed.

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  1. Really like your work! Wondering if I can purchase the relationship map for use as Facebook cover page art? Is it ok with you? Size of file-wise, will it work?


    1. Hi Susan,

      Yes, that's perfectly fine. Please feel free to use it on your Facebook page. You may need to resize the image or crop it to fit the dimensions you require. The file is in pdf format, however you can convert the pdf file into a jpeg image file or any other image format if required.

      I hope this helps.


  2. Hi can I get the academic genius in mind manager or PDF format
    Regards Ateeq

    1. Hi Ateeq, the Academic Genius bundle currently only has the pdf versions of the maps. However, if you decide to purchase the Academic Genius bundle, then please send through an email (with your PayPal receipt) to [email protected] and we can email through the MindManager files to you at no additional cost. I hope this helps.


  3. I've already got the academic genius bundle and am seriously thinking about getting the lifetime membership. Can you assure me that if I do so it will be a one off deal and I won't end up with a yearly subscription to pay as well.

    1. Hi Andy. Yes, at the moment as it currently stands it's a once off payment of $297 AUD. There is no yearly subscription in place as of June 2013. I hope this helps.


  4. A long time ago I was going through a really hard time, and you were so kind and gave me lifetime membership. Well "tragedy" has struck again, my husband lost his job, someone totaled our car and we had to move in with my parents (for 2 years so far aghhhh) 3 kids and all. But I wanted to say thanks, your mind maps have kept me sane and pulled me back from the brink of personal destruction. Thanks so much again!

    Yours truly,

    London P Wolfe ;)

    1. Hi London,

      Things can certainly get tough at times. Life will always swing us a curve ball when we least expect it. I'm so happy to hear that you managed to get through this period of your life and that the maps were of some value.

      Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience. Your story certainly helps keep me inspired, and I hope it can also inspire others to persist through their own personal difficulties.

      I hope that things are now back on track and moving in the right direction for you.


  5. Is the high-res download suitable for canvas printing?

    1. Hi Mike,

      The resolution of the maps is quite decent allowing for A3 and A2 printing. But I guess it will depend on the size of the canvas. However, if you make a purchase and the resolution isn't adequate, then just let me know and I'll email you a higher resolution copy of the map. I hope this helps.


  6. Hi Adam,

    I work for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice; I teach a prerelease class and I need your written permission to use your mind maps and summaries in my classes. I believe that they can become an integral part of my curriculum.

    Thanks for your attention to this matter,

    James Farquhar
    "80" John Wallace Unit - TDCJ-ID
    Colorado City, Texas
    [email protected]

    1. Hi James,

      Yes, I am more than happy to grant you permission to use the maps and accompanying summaries as mentioned within your comment. I hope they can be of some value.



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