Decision Maker Bundle

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The Decision Maker Bundle of maps includes a selection of hand picked maps that are designed to help you make better and more optimal life choices and decisions. The following maps are included within this bundle:

  1. 360 Degree Thinking
  2. Decision Making Model
  3. Developing Intuition
  4. Developing Patience
  5. Effective Decision Making
  6. Learning from Experience
  7. Living Mindfully
  8. Make Better Life Choices
  9. Risk Taking
  10. Strategic Questions

Who is this bundle for?

  • Anyone who typically makes quick and rash decisions that get them into trouble.
  • Anyone who wants to understand how to make more effective life decisions.
  • Anyone who wants to make more effective decisions while pursuing a goal.


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    Maps Included in this Bundle

    When you purchase the Decision Maker Bundle you receive access to all the maps listed below. Adding this bundle to your shopping cart automatically adds these maps into your cart at the discounted bundle price. You will therefore receive access to all digital downloadable files associated with each map with your bundle purchase.

    For more information about the maps included within this bundle, please click through to the individual product pages.

    • Risk Taking

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      The Risk Taking IQ Matrix will provide you with the guidance you need to take more intelligent risks. The mind map provides a rundown of the advantages of risk-taking; breaks down the roadblocks to intelligent risk-taking; walks you through a five step process for making intelligent decisions; presents numerous guidelines to help you take more calculated risks, and more.

      Who is this map for?

      • Anyone who is averse to taking risks in pursuit of their goals.
      • Anyone who worries that the risks they take won’t be worth the gamble.
      • Anyone who would like to know how to take more sensible and calculated risks.

      Arnold Palmer

      The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done.

    • Learning from Experience

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      The Learning from Experience IQ Matrix will help you take full advantage of the power of self-reflection. You will discover how spending a little time on self-reflection at the end of your day can help you to improve your life in incredible and empowering ways. It will encourage you to think differently about your life experiences and as a result you will make better choices, decisions and take more effective actions. You will get what you want more often then you have in the past, and it’s very possible that life will never be the same again.

      Who is this map for?

      • Anyone who would like to learn from their failures and mistakes.
      • Anyone who would like to learn from the past to make better choices in the future.
      • Anyone who would like to use the process of self-reflection to improve their life.

      Mark Twain

      The unexamined life may not be worth living, but the life too closely examined may not be lived at all.

    • Decision Making Model

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      The Decision Making Model IQ Matrix provides you with a step-by-step process that will help you make more effective decisions about your life and circumstances. The model has been specifically developed for life coaches to help provide them with guidance when helping their clients make better decisions. However, this process can also be used for self-coaching purposes to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your situation before making a critical life decision. The map is primarily built upon a set of key questions that will help you explore your circumstances from a variety of angles and perspectives.

      Who is this map for?

      • Anyone who works as a life coach and wants to help their clients make more optimal decisions.
      • Anyone who would like to know how to make better decisions.
      • Anyone interested in pursuing a career in life coaching.

      Henry Ford

      Indecision is often worse than wrong action.

    • Make Better Life Choices

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      The Make Better Life Choices iQuote Matrix provides you with unique insights, thoughts and perspectives that will help you to make more effective choices and decisions throughout your day.

      Who is this map for?

      • Anyone who would like to understand the power of the daily choices we make.
      • Anyone who would like to begin making better and more effective daily choices.
      • Anyone who has a history of making poor life choices and decisions.


      I discovered I always have choices and sometimes it’s only a choice of attitude.

    • Strategic Questions

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      The Strategic Questions IQ Matrix will help you to ask better questions throughout the day that focus your mind on solutions, answers and ideas. Therefore instead of focusing and dwelling on problems, you will be able to think more clearly, effectively and efficiently by focusing your mind on asking questions that will naturally expand how you think about your life and circumstances.

      Who is this map for?

      • Anyone who tends to ask limiting questions when faced with a problem.
      • Anyone who would like to improve how they think about their problems.
      • Anyone who would like to learn how to ask more effective and helpful questions.

      Albert Einstein

      The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.

    • Effective Decision Making

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      The Effective Decision Making IQ Matrix encourages greater clarity and freedom of choice — consequently minimizing the length of time it takes you to achieve your outcomes by helping you make more effective decisions throughout the day. The mind map you with a formula for effective decision making; delves into a six step decision making process, and much more.

      Who is this map for?

      • Anyone who is rather indecisive and struggles to make decisions.
      • Anyone who would like to explore a process to help them make better decisions.
      • Anyone who would like to know more about what is involved in decision making.

      Jose Silva

      Success is not for the timid. It is for those who seek guidance, make decisions, and take decisive action.

    • Developing Intuition

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      The Developing Intuition IQ Matrix will show you step-by-step how to develop and cultivate your intuition in order to help you make better and more effective decisions throughout your day. The mind map removes the mystical elements surrounding intuition; presents several practical ideas for tapping into intuition; breaks down a five step process for tapping your intuition, and more.

      Who is this map for?

      • Anyone who would like to develop their intuitive abilities.
      • Anyone who who struggles to make effective decisions.
      • Anyone who is wanting to learn about how the intuitive process works.

      Robert Heller

      Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it’s enough.

    • Developing Patience

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      The Developing Patience IQ Matrix explores the quality of patience and how it can be utilized effectively to help transform your life and open doors of opportunity to success in any field of endeavor. The mind map identifies the benefits of patience; outlines how to begin cultivating patience on a daily basis; breaks down the five step process to help you overcome impatience, and more.

      Who is this map for?

      • Anyone who consistently struggles with impatience.
      • Anyone who would like to develop more patience when pursuing goals.
      • Anyone who wants to understand the value of having patience.

      Paul J. Mayer

      The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing.

    • 360 Degree Thinking

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      From: $7.00

      The 360 Degree Thinking IQ Matrix will help improve your ability to think from a 360 degree view of your problems, life and circumstances. This IQ Matrix breaks down how to develop the habit of using hindsight, foresight and insight on a daily basis to help improve your ability to make decisions and solve problems far more effectively.

      Who is this map for?

      • Anyone who wants to discover what it takes to make more effective decisions.
      • Anyone wants to optimize how they think about their life and circumstances.
      • Anyone who desires to become a better problem solver and critical thinker.


      No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.

    • Living Mindfully

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      From: $7.00

      The Living Mindfully IQ Matrix will help you to come to understand the true meaning of what it means to live mindfully. Mindfulness is not only about living in the moment. There’s so much more to mindfulness then we see on the surface. In fact, mindfulness is a state of self-growth and self-improvement. It’s a state of being where you begin to live with purpose, on purpose, and as a result make better decisions throughout the day.

      Who is this map for?

      • Anyone who would like to live with more purpose and intention.
      • Anyone who would like to develop a more calmer and focused mind.
      • Anyone who would like to improve their observations skills.

      Sharon Salzberg

      Mindfulness, also called wise attention, helps us see what we’re adding to our experiences.

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