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  • Stop Judging People


    The Stop Judging People IQ Matrix explores how to be more compassionate and accepting of people’s behavior, decisions, appearance, and actions. We all, of course, judge people to one extent or another. This is part of human nature, and, in fact, it’s something we do from the youngest of age. However, many of these judgments are nothing more than assumptions we make about how we think people ought to be. These assumptions are based on our own personal beliefs, values, standards, and life experiences.

    When we judge we not only hurt the other person, we also deny ourselves the opportunity to get to know and understand them at a deep emotional level. Things may very well not be as they seem. However, unless we open ourselves to new understandings and perspectives, we will never truly free ourselves from making judgments. This map can help you develop more empathy and compassion for those around you.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who is very judgmental and would like to change their behavior.
    • Anyone who would like to develop more compassion and empathy.
    • Anyone who wants to be more open-minded and accepting of people’s differences.


    Judging a person doesn’t define who they are, it defines who you are.

  • Life Skills Mastery


    The Life Skills Mastery IQ Matrix explores how to learn a new skill and apply it to your life in practical and actionable ways. Life is all about growth and development. And the only way we grow and develop ourselves is through knowledge and skill acquisition. When we successfully work through a problem we gain the necessary experience to tackle that problem in the future. That experience effectively becomes a skill that you can then use to move your life forward. So whether you want to advance your career, improve your relationship, earn more money, or anything else — this map is designed to help guide you through the development of any skill you would like to master using eight fundamental steps.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who wants to develop a new skill to a high level of proficiency.
    • Anyone who seeks to gain clarity about what skills to develop that can help move their life forward in a better way.
    • Anyone who is committed to lifelong learning and self-improvement in all aspects of their life.

    Alli Worthington

    Only the people who take learning, growth and skills development into their own hands will be tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Life Role Optimization


    The Life Role Optimization IQ Matrix explores how to optimize how you live your life through the roles you choose to play each day. We all play various roles in life. Some roles we are born into, while other roles are based on the choices we make. Sometimes we play roles that correspond to certain life experiences, while at other times these roles are based on things we identify with. We are in fact playing many different roles over a lifetime. Balancing those roles and making the most of each role isn’t easy. However, it doesn’t need to be an overwhelming experience. Within this IQ Matrix, you will learn how to optimize your life roles and find more balance, happiness, and fulfillment in your life.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who struggles to balance the various life roles that they play.
    • Anyone who desires more clarity about where to focus their time, energy and efforts.
    • Anyone who wants more happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment in life.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    If it falls your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures, sweep streets like Beethoven composed music. Sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will have to pause and say: Here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well.

  • The Impostor Syndrome


    The Impostor Syndrome IQ Matrix explores what it means to fall prey to the impostor syndrome and how to overcome it. The impostor syndrome is a common experience that affects high achievers. These people have achieved a high degree of success, however they kind of feel like frauds. They feel undeserving of the success they have achieved. In their mind, they are successful because of fortunate circumstances, opportunities, and dumb luck. They believe things to be out of their direct control. In other words, their success has nothing to do with their intelligence or aptitude. As a result, they question their abilities and this keeps them from realizing their full potential.

    Who is this map for?

    • For high achievers who constantly struggle with self-doubt and insecurity.
    • For high achievers who feel as though they aren’t realizing their full potential.
    • Anyone who would like to know more about the impostor syndrome and how to overcome it.

    Denis Waitley

    It’s not who you are that holds you back. It’s who you think you’re not.

  • Life is Rigged in Your Favor


    The Life is Rigged in Your Favor IQ Matrix explores how we can handle problems and adversity far more effectively by interpreting our experiences a little differently. Instead of feeling like a victim of circumstance when things don’t turn out the way you had expected, you can learn to challenge yourself to see circumstances in a more favorable way. You can, for instance, convince yourself that no matter what happens, life is actually rigged in your favor. Therefore no matter how bad things seem right now, your journey isn’t over and things will get better. Life is slowing putting the pieces together to help you get what you want, or something better, as long as you don’t quit and keep moving forward.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who typically struggles to deal unforeseen problems and adversity.
    • Anyone who would like to worry less and live more with the natural flow of life.
    • Anyone who desires more motivation to just keep pushing through life’s difficulties.


    Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor.

  • Living Life as a Movie


    The Living Life as a Movie IQ Matrix explores the value of what it would be like to pretend as though your life was a movie. Within this movie you are the main character and lead actor/actress. You are also the Director of this movie with the power to modify the script and to control the direction of each scene. Envisioning your life as a movie brings along with it some incredible perspective shifts that can actually help you handle life’s hardships and emotional struggles in far more optimal ways.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who typically struggles with life’s hardships, problems and difficulties.
    • Anyone who would like to find more meaning in life as-well-as within everyday experiences.
    • Anyone who wants to learn how to embrace the adversity that life throws their way.

    Jim Henson

    Life’s like a MOVIE, write your own ending.

  • Dealing with Humiliation


    The Dealing with Humiliation IQ Matrix explores how to handle being humiliated. The mind map specifically breaks down a seven-step process you can use to help protect yourself against humiliation. Working through the map will help you to better understand how to handle humiliation in more optimal ways. It’s important to note here that humiliation is not the same as feeling ashamed. The map provides a good distinction between the two, but in general feeling ashamed is a private experience, while feeling humiliated is a public experience.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who suffers from low self-esteem or wants to improve their self-confidence.
    • Anyone who wants to protect themselves from possible future humiliation.
    • Anyone who would like to learn what it takes to deal with a humiliating experience.

    Karen Crockett

    Your worst humiliation is only someone’s momentary entertainment.

  • A Philosophy for Living


    The Philosophy for Living IQ Matrix explores various philosophies that you can adopt to help you live life in more optimal ways. The seven philosophies included within this mind map are a philosophy for growth, for wisdom, for perspective, for gratitude, for progress, for achievement, and for connection. Each of these philosophies will help you to view life in a different and potentially a more advantageous way. As a result, you will make the most of every moment and will learn to respond to adversity in more optimal ways.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who needs some guiding principles to help them live a better life.
    • Anyone who longs for a deeper, more meaningful and fulfilling existence.
    • Anyone who wants to stop being so emotionally reactive and instead desires to take control of how they respond to the events and circumstances of their life.


    Every man is a creature of the age in which he lives and few are able to raise themselves above the ideas of the time.

  • Narcissistic Personality


    The Narcissistic Personality IQ Matrix explores various facets of a narcissist’s personality. The map breaks down what it means to live with a narcissistic personality and examines how to effectively deal with the narcissists in your life. The map also breaks down a four step process that a narcissist can use to instigate positive change.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who is currently in an unsatisfying relationship with a narcissist.
    • Anyone who would like to know how to avoid being manipulated by a narcissist.
    • Anyone who wants to move away from their narcissistic tendencies.

    Jeffrey Kluger

    There’s a reason narcissists don’t learn from mistakes and that’s because they never get past the first step which is admitting that they made one.

  • Overcoming Jealousy

    , $7.00

    The Overcoming Jealousy IQ Matrix explores the steps you can take to help you feel more secure about yourself and about your relationship with other people. It’s important to mention here that jealousy is not the same as feeling envious. Jealousy is a three person situation, while envy is a two person situation. This map defines what jealousy is and provides you with a six step process you can use to ward off your jealous feelings in an optimal way.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who struggles with feelings of jealousy within a relationship.
    • Anyone who would like to know what it takes to overcome their feelings of jealousy.
    • Anyone who would like to feel more confident and secure about themselves.

    Robert A. Heinlein

    A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.

  • Overcoming Envy


    The Overcoming Envy IQ Matrix explores how to work through your feelings of envy in an optimal and helpful way. The map is built upon the premise that we hurt our growth and development when we compare ourselves to others or try to live up to society’s standards and expectations. Instead, we must focus on walking our own path rather than worrying so much about what other people do or don’t do. In fact, we can use envy as a catalyst to make positive changes to our lives.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who struggles with envy resulting from the constant comparisons they make with others.
    • Anyone who typically feels inadequate or bitter when comparing their life and accomplishments with others.
    • Anyone who would like to understand how to let go of the self-criticism and judgements and successfully work through their feelings of envy.

    Harold Coffin

    Envy is the art of counting another’s blessings instead of your own.

  • Dealing with Manipulative People


    The Dealing with Manipulative People IQ Matrix explores how to handle manipulative people whose primary objective is to control and influence you. The map initially breaks down how to recognize when a person is trying to manipulate you. Recognizing who these people are is however only the first step. You must also ensure that you do not get drawn into their endgame. As such, this map also walks you through a six step process you can use to protect yourself against their manipulative tactics.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who struggles with low self-esteem and as a result is easily influenced by others.
    • Anyone who would like to learn how to spot the subtle behavior patterns of manipulators.
    • Anyone who feels as though they are being manipulated by others and wants to break the cycle.


    I refuse to be subjected to your mind games and lies. I will not play a part in your constant drama. You will not manipulate me, nor will you control me.

  • Handling an Inconvenience


    The Handling an Inconvenience IQ Matrix explores how to handle yourself and how to manage the situation when an unexpected predicament arises that takes you away from what you were planning to do. The map specifically breaks down a four step process you can use to help you handle inconveniences far more quickly, efficiently and effectively. The map is essentially built upon a set of key questions that will help you to think through and tackle the situation in an optimal way.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who typically gets overwhelmed and frustrated when inconveniences arise.
    • Anyone who gets rather impatient and agitated when suddenly faced with the unexpected.
    • Anyone who would like to understand how to think more optimally about life’s problems.

    Eleanor Roosevelt

    You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give.

  • Russian IQ Matrix Bundle

    , $20.00

    The Russian Bundle of maps includes Russian versions of 15 English mind maps. This bundle is for anyone who would like to gain access to the Russian translation of 15 IQ Matrix maps. Please scroll down to find out what maps are included in this bundle.

  • Portuguese IQ Matrix Bundle

    , $30.00

    The Portuguese Bundle of maps includes Portuguese versions of 23 English mind maps. This bundle is for anyone who would like to gain access to the Portuguese translation of 23 popular IQ Matrix maps. Please scroll down to find out what maps are included in this bundle.

  • Polish IQ Matrix Bundle

    , $30.00

    The Polish Bundle of maps includes Polish versions of 22 English mind maps. This bundle is for anyone who would like to gain access to the Polish translation of 22 popular IQ Matrix maps. Please scroll down to find out what maps are included in this bundle.

  • Total Life Reinvention


    The Total Life Reinvention IQ Matrix explores what it takes to completely reinvent yourself and change your life for the better. All of us go through periods of stagnation where we just kind of feel stuck and unable to move forward. It’s these exact moments that provide us with an opportunity for transformation; an opportunity for reinvention. This map walks you through how to reinvent yourself and your life using a six step process that will help transform how you think, work, play and live.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who feels emotionally restless and dissatisfied with their life.
    • Anyone who feels kind of stuck and unable to create a better life for themselves.
    • Anyone who desires to live with more purpose, passion and a zest for life.

    George Lopez

    When things are bad, it’s the best time to reinvent yourself.

  • The Value of Exercise


    The Value of Exercise IQ Matrix explores the positive impact that exercise can have on our lives. However, this map doesn’t just break down the benefits of exercise, it also outlines a four-step process you can use to commit yourself to partake in a regular exercise regime. Moreover, the map presents several hacks to help you find the motivation you need to begin exercising, starting today.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who has been lacking the commitment they need to exercise consistently.
    • Anyone who would like to acquire the motivation they need to exercise regularly.
    • Anyone would wants an overview of the true value and benefits of exercise.

    Fred DeVito

    If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

  • An Honorable Life


    The Honorable Life IQ Matrix explores what it takes to live an honorable life. Honor within the context of this map encompasses loyalty, honesty and respect. However, integrity is also a significant component of this formula; and it is subtly integrated into each branch. Working through this map will help you to begin living a more honorable life, and with honor of course comes trust which helps you build deeper and more meaningful relationships with those around you.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who would like to understand how to live a more honorable life.
    • Anyone who would like to become a more loyal, respectful and honest person.
    • Anyone who would like to develop more meaningful relationships with others.

    Calvin Coolidge

    No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

  • Inspired Life Lessons


    The Inspired Life Lessons IQ Matrix explores indispensable life lessons that we all hopefully learn sooner or later as we move through life. This map is kind of an integration of key life lessons presented within other IQ Matrix maps over the years. As such, it provides some valuable takeaways that can help guide you to make more effective choices and decisions throughout your day.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who seeks daily guidance to help them live a more optimal life.
    • Anyone who wants to improve the daily choices and decisions they make.
    • Anyone who would like to view life with a renewed and more empowering perspective.


    No matter who tries to teach you lessons about life, you won’t ever truly understand until you go through the experience yourself.

  • Optimal Living


    The Optimal Living IQ Matrix explores the changes that you might need to make to live a happier and more fulfilling life. The map presents you with a series of questions that encourage you to think critically about various aspects of your life including your capabilities, beliefs, doubts, emotions, behavior, fears, peers, daily actions, goals, future and more. Working through these questions will help shift how you think about your life and circumstances.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who wants to better understand the impact of their life choices.
    • Anyone who wants to lay down a solid foundation for a better life.
    • Anyone working as a life coach who wants to get to know their client’s needs at a deeper level.

    Nelson Mandela

    There is no passion to be found playing small — in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.

  • Being More Thoughtful


    The Being More Thoughtful IQ Matrix explores how to be a more thoughtful person who takes other people’s needs, wants and desires into consideration. Thoughtful people often go out of their way to make other people feel appreciated, respected, important, special and valued. And because they make this extra effort, they quickly form strong bonds and relationships with those around them. As such, thoughtfulness becomes a wonderful act that helps you win friends and influence people.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who tends to think only of themselves and is rather inconsiderate of others.
    • Anyone who would like to win the respect of other people through thoughtful acts.
    • Anyone who wants to understand what it takes to become a more thoughtful person.

    Theodore Roosevelt

    Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind.

  • The Path to Genius


    The Path to Genius IQ Matrix explores how to become what other people would call a GENIUS. Yes, it actually is something we can all work towards. What this map does is it establishes how geniuses are made, not born. In other words, becoming a genius is not an accident, it actually comes about through a very specific set of actions that are taken consistently over time in a specialized area of life. It’s this tremendous focus and discipline coupled together with the right attitude and mindset from which a genius evolves.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who wants to become an expert in their field of endeavor.
    • Anyone who wants to know what it takes to become a genius.
    • Anyone who seeks to better understand the mindset and habits of a genius.

    Pablo Sarasate

    A genius! For 37 years I’ve practiced fourteen hours a day, and now they call me a genius!

  • Thinking Like a Detective


    The Thinking Like a Detective IQ Matrix explores how to solve problems more effectively by thinking like a detective who is solving a case. Sherlock Holmes is one of the most well-known detectives. Countless books have been written about him, and various movies and TV shows have also explored his life. Yes, he is a fictional character, however, his ability to read people and solve crimes was uncanny. This mind map unlocks the secrets of how to think like Sherlock Holmes, however, this is of course not about solving a criminal case, you are instead provided with a step-by-step plan for solving a typical life problem.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who would like to be able to solve problems more effectively.
    • Anyone who wants to better understand what it’s like to think like a detective.
    • Anyone who typically gets overwhelmed with problems and just doesn’t know where to begin.

    Sherlock Holmes

    When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however impossible must be the truth.