An IQ Matrix is designed as a complete reference information tool that you can easily refer to on a daily basis to help you stay on track with your life’s goals, tasks, priorities, skills, and objectives.

Once you purchase an IQ Matrix map — or download one of the sample maps — that is applicable to your current life circumstances, your very 1st step is to pin it up…

  • On a wall
  • Next to your office desk
  • Beside your computer
  • On the refrigerator
  • Beside your bed
  • On the bathroom mirror

Or anywhere else where it can be referenced several times per day to keep you focused and on track. Your 2nd step is to read the entire blog post pertaining to the IQ Matrix map you purchased. This blog post is designed to expand each branch of the IQ Matrix, thusly providing you a more thorough and detailed explanation of each segment. Once you have read and thoroughly understood each topic discussed within the blog post, your 3rd step is to reference this IQ Matrix poster on a daily basis and progressively apply the information presented within this mind map into your life. Small progressive, consistent steps are important here. These will help you avoid the feelings of overwhelm, which usually can lead to procrastination and later complete and utter stagnation.