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  1. Hi Adam

    At the onset let me congratulate you for your wide , varied and exhaustive research on this topic.I am deeply impressed by the content and its presentation.
    I am into training of Students at various levels be it College, University or School in northern part of India.5yrs back I had developed a course called “Effective Study Habits” and got busy training the professional college/University level students.For past 1 year, I am now busy working on the subject I mentioned and believe me I am getting passionate about this subject.
    I happen to come across your website and got overly engrossed in the material and I was wondering if there can be any way by which I can further use your content in my presentation and delivery, after adding my own activities.
    This way there will be no copyright issue and I should seek your permission before using it.
    Please advice.

    Best regards
    Jyotsna Fotedar

    1. Hi Jyotsna. Thanks for getting in touch. If you could provide more details about how you would like to specifically use the content, then that would be greatly appreciated. For instance, do you plan to use the actual maps for your presentation, or just content ideas taken from the maps? Please do email me at and we can discuss this further.


  2. I want to buy mind maps on critical thinking and something close to that, but the way is not easy. Why don’t you allow to enter some information about the card and buy directly? Why do you want me to create a paypal account?

    1. Hi Binouni. Thanks for getting in touch. A PayPal account isn’t required to make a purchase. When you checkout and get transferred to the PayPal payment page there is an option to choose to make payment via Credit Card. PayPal still handles the transaction, however no PayPal account needs to be created in order to make the payment. I hope that helps. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

  3. I have downloaded the Mind Maps for Life Coaching. I use Xmind on the mac it it cannot open the files. Do you have a suggestion or workaround for this?


    1. Hi Brian,

      That’s a very good question. I’m actually not quite sure whether there is a difference opening MindManager files that have been created on the PC with Xmind for Mac. I did find the following link that might be of value: Working with FreeMind and MindManager files. Possibly if you continue to have troubles you might want to contact Xmind and ask them for some assistance.

      Another solution I’m thinking of is to open the MindManager files using FreeMind. Then save them as FreeMind files and reopen them within Xmind. Maybe that might work from a cross-platform perspective. Please let me know how you go.


  4. Adam,
    I just made a purchase with order #54742 Bundles (Life Coach, Getting Unstuck, Nothing Impossible and The Risk Taker) they are not showing up in my portal. on another order, I purchased the Mastermind Bundle, its in my portal. Help
    Michelle Payne

    1. Thank you for your recent order. I hope I can help.

      The purchase that was made at the IQ Matrix Store is not linked to the purchase of the MasterMind Matrix. You will therefore not see the IQ Matrix Store purchase within the member’s area for the MasterMind Matrix. However, you can download the IQ Matrix Store purchase from your account page. I have resent an email with links to the maps to the email address you used to make this purchase. Please do check your spam folder if you do not see it within your Inbox. Doing a search for “” can also help you locate this email.

      I hope this helps. Please let me know if this helps resolve things for you.

  5. Hi Mr Adam Sicinski you are truly IQ matrix ,your IQ is really appreciated ,your article has really helped me in my organization, both in writing and in programs. thanks a lot.

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