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  • The Value of Exercise


    The Value of Exercise IQ Matrix explores the positive impact that exercise can have on our lives. However, this map doesn’t just break down the benefits of exercise, it also outlines a four-step process you can use to commit yourself to partake in a regular exercise regime. Moreover, the map presents several hacks to help you find the motivation you need to begin exercising, starting today.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who has been lacking the commitment they need to exercise consistently.
    • Anyone who would like to acquire the motivation they need to exercise regularly.
    • Anyone would wants an overview of the true value and benefits of exercise.

    Fred DeVito

    If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

  • Weight Management


    The Weight Management IQ Matrix breaks down the steps you must take to eliminate the excess weight you’re carrying around. The mind map discusses how to make changes to your environment; how to incorporate exercise into your daily regime; how to make smarter nutritional choices; and many more guidelines that will help you to shed those extra pounds.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who would like to lose weight.
    • Anyone who would like to live a healthier lifestyle.
    • Anyone who wants guidance to help them better manage their weight.

    David Viscott

    You must begin to think of yourself as becoming the person you want to be.