Six Ideas for Building Self-Esteem


The Six Ideas for Building Self-Esteem IQ Doodle explores six things you can do to improve your self-esteem and immediately start feeling better about yourself. The six ideas include:

  1. Celebrating Your Strengths and Successes
  2. Engaging in Positive Self-Talk
  3. Not Comparing Yourself to Others
  4. Not Striving for Perfection
  5. Focusing on What You Can Change
  6. Building a Support Network

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What Do I Get?

When you purchase this IQ Doodle you will receive the following downloadable digital items:

  • high-resolution printable IQ Doodle posters in both light and dark themed format.
  • pocket versions of this IQ Doodle that have been optimized for viewing on mobile phones.
  • 6 beautiful desktop wallpaper backgrounds to use on your computer or tablet.
  • 6 card sized images that break down the steps outlined within this IQ Doodle.
  • A printable Info Sheet that summarizes each step outlined within this IQ Doodle.
  • A Visual Thinking template and Instruction Manual to help you explore this topic in a visual way using visual thinking principles.
  • High-resolution transparent doodle images used to create this IQ Doodle. These are royalty free images you can use for personal or professional purposes.
  • Find out more by visiting the IQ Doodle Store.

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