Six Steps for Dealing with Failure


The Six Steps for Dealing with Failure IQ Doodle outlines a six-step process you can use to help you make the most from your failures and disappointments. The six steps include:

  1. Staying Cool, Calm and Collected
  2. Taking Ownership of Your Failure
  3. Accepting that Failure is Part of Life
  4. Finding Reasons to Keep Going
  5. Learning from Your Experience
  6. Outlining a New Plan of Action

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What Do I Get?

When you purchase this IQ Doodle you will receive the following downloadable digital items:

  • high-resolution printable IQ Doodle posters in both light and dark themed format.
  • pocket versions of this IQ Doodle that have been optimized for viewing on mobile phones.
  • 6 beautiful desktop wallpaper backgrounds to use on your computer or tablet.
  • 6 card sized images that break down the steps outlined within this IQ Doodle.
  • A printable Info Sheet that summarizes each step outlined within this IQ Doodle.
  • A Visual Thinking template and Instruction Manual to help you explore this topic in a visual way using visual thinking principles.
  • High-resolution transparent doodle images used to create this IQ Doodle. These are royalty free images you can use for personal or professional purposes.
  • Find out more by visiting the IQ Doodle Store.

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