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  • Reading Facial Gestures


    The Reading Facial Gestures IQ Matrix explores how to better recognize and understand the meaning of various facial expressions and gestures in other people. We are typically very conscious of the way we express ourselves verbally. The words we speak communicate to others what’s on our mind. However, people don’t always say what’s on their mind. In fact, people may hold back and refrain from speaking their mind in various social situations, or may even consciously choose to mislead us with their choice of words. As such, their words will often not reveal what they are thinking and feeling internally. However, what’s hidden within still expresses itself externally through people’s facial gestures in numerous ways. Therefore oftentimes we can get a pretty good understanding of what’s on a person’s mind through a simple observation of their facial gestures.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who has been burnt way too many times before when taking people on their word.
    • Anyone who wants to better understand whether or not people are being upfront and honest.
    • Anyone who would like to know how to read people’s facial gestures more effectively.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    When the eyes say one thing, and the tongue another, a practiced man relies on the language of the first.

  • Reading People


    The Reading People IQ Matrix explores how to better recognize and understand people’s nonverbal signals. When we communicate with others we do so on two levels. We first communicate at a verbal level using words, phrases, questions and sentences. Secondly we communicate on a nonverbal level through our gestures, body language and facial expressions. Understanding these nonverbal cues can help us to quickly recognize what people are potentially thinking, feeling and emotionalizing internally. Furthermore it helps us to better understand people’s motives and intentions within any social situation. This specific map explores how to recognize and decipher eight common ways people can come across during a social interaction.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who typically struggles to recognize people’s nonverbal language patterns.
    • Anyone who would like to better understand people’s underlying motives and intentions.
    • Anyone who wants to better understand their own nonverbal communication tendencies.

    Peter F. Drucker

    The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.

  • Richard Branson Mindset


    The Richard Branson Mindset IQ Matrix presents you with an insight into the mind, habits and skills of one of the most extraordinary and charismatic entrepreneurs the world has ever known. The mind map explores the habitual behaviors that separate Richard Branson from the masses, identifies the skills he has mastered, and outlines how Richard Branson thinks and the beliefs that have created a global billion dollar empire.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who would like to understand how Richard Branson thinks.
    • Anyone who would like to model themselves after Richard Branson.
    • Anyone who wants to know what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

    Richard Branson

    A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.

  • Six Mindsets for Developing Charisma

    , $5.00

    The Six Mindsets for Developing Charisma IQ Doodle outlines how to develop more charisma to help you make deeper connections, lasting friendships, and positively influence those around you. The six mindsets include:

    1. The Mysterious Thinker
    2. The Irresistible Persona
    3. The Captivator
    4. The Rapport Builder
    5. The Attention Seeker
    6. The Social Influencer

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  • Steve Jobs


    The Steve Jobs iQuote Matrix provides you with unique insights into the thoughts, habits, behaviors and actions of one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. As you work your way through this Steve Jobs iQuote Matrix you will come across thought-provoking words, quotes and questions that will shift how you think and how you approach the events, problems and circumstances of your life.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who would like to explore the mind of Steve Jobs.
    • Anyone who wants to gain inspiration from Steve Jobs.
    • Anyone who would like to aspire to be like Steve Jobs.

    Steve Jobs

    Stay hungry… Stay foolish.

  • The Entrepreneurial Mind


    The Entrepreneurial Mind IQ Matrix and accompanying 15 page eBook delve into the mind of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. In truth, we must accept the fact that not all people are suited for the life of an entrepreneur. It’s not an easy path and does demand a great deal of sacrifice. In fact, becoming a successful entrepreneur requires very specific commitments. You must make these commitments to succeed down the entrepreneurial path. It’s only when you commit yourself fully to this journey and make the necessary sacrifices along the way, that is when you will have a chance of succeeding along your entrepreneurial ventures.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who has aspirations to become an entrepreneur.
    • Anyone who wants to learn what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.
    • Anyone who desires to develop the mindset required to become a high achiever.

    Peter Drucker

    The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.

  • The Price of Success


    The Price of Success IQ Matrix will help you to get a better understanding of what it takes to achieve the success you desire to create in your life. The map breaks down the price that all of us must pay to achieve our goals and objectives. If by chance we are not willing to pay that price, then we might as well kiss our goals good-bye because attaining success in any field of endeavor takes commitment and sacrifice. Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices to obtain your goals?

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who wants to know what it takes to become a high achiever.
    • Anyone who wants to gain clarity about the sacrifices they must make to succeed.
    • Anyone who has struggled to achieve their goals and needs some clear answers.

    Mitch Albom

    Sacrifice is a part of life. It’s supposed to be. It’s not something to regret. It’s something to aspire to.

  • Time Management


    The Time Management IQ Matrix will help you to manage your time more effectively throughout the day. The mind map unlocks the step-by-step process of effective time management; delves into several time management tactics; shows you how to gain more time throughout the day; explores the time efficiency mindset; pinpoints common time wasters to avoid.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who wants to know how to manage their time more effectively.
    • Anyone who wants to learn how to manage themselves more effectively.
    • Anyone who typically struggles with having too much to do in too little time.

    Anthony Robbins

    It is not the hours you put in, but rather what you put into those hours.

  • Unlocking Opportunity


    The Unlocking Opportunity IQ Matrix explores how to identify and take advantage of the incredible opportunities you are given to help you achieve your goals. The mind map explores how to recognize opportunities, breaks down the process of how to take advantage of the opportunities you are given, and outlines questions to help you gain more clarity about the decisions you make moving forward.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who feels as though they have missed too many good opportunities.
    • Anyone who would like to make the most of the opportunities life offers them.
    • Anyone who would like to use opportunities to help them achieve their goals.

    Frank Tyger

    Learn to listen. Opportunity could be knocking at your door very softly.

  • Unlocking Personality


    The Unlocking Personality IQ Matrix will help you to understand people and their behavior at a deeper level. The mind map delves into the fundamental signals of human psychology; breaks down the four personality types — including tactics on how to influence each of these types of people; introduces the concept of communication types; presents key psychological deception tactics.

    Who is this map for?

    • Anyone who would like to better understand other people’s behavior.
    • Anyone who wants to develop the power to influence other people.
    • Anyone who wants to develop their people profiling skills.

    Isaac Bashevis Singer

    We know what a person thinks not when he tells us what he things, but by his actions.